Quill & Hammock speaks about contentment, creativity, and community.

We are interested in having conversations about simple living, personal contentment, makers and their work, and building relationships.

Our Story

Quill & Hammock is Mitch Mitchell and Sara Triana Mitchell.

We have been together since 2006 when we had our first picnic date in Dallas, TX. We grew together through a love of Jesus, poetry, liturgy, and wildness. We married in 2010 and moved the following week to Roswell, New Mexico.

Our marriage has been sustained by chips and salsa, long walks, and gratitude. We push each other to grow. Our prayer for our family is that we would actively love the people around us. In Roswell, we turned our love of the arts outward and helped start a community organization that supports the local art and music scene.

In 2014, we welcomed our daughter Anabelle into the world. Becoming parents brought our priorities into focus. Maybe it was all those nights we were in pajamas by eight. We started to explore simple, minimalist living, began shedding our possessions, and opened our hearts to investing more time in our families. 

We are learning to live more with less.

After five years in the Land of Enchantment, we moved to Mitch’s hometown, The Woodlands, Texas. Mitch is practicing law and Sara is a stay-at-home parent and writer.

We are learning how to be happy, wherever we are, with just our little tribe—to which we added Clementine in 2016.

This is our platform to explore our shared interests: contentment, creativity, and community.