A Brief Run Through Community


It’s been four months-ish that we packed up from familiar communities: friends, work, art, and town.

We’d circled in and out of several communities in our time in Roswell, which is easy to forget when we have such vivid recollection of the ones we put in the rearview mirror to varying degree (friends, don’t take this the wrong way).

There was a runners club, gym regulars, a yoga studio, a collective of barflies at the watering hole, an ultimate frisbee pickup game, a group of 20somethings and 30somethings. The latter was some combination of most of these. 

But they weren’t all congruous, overlapping communities. There was the dance club you had to be invited to that, I have to state, finally did want us five years after we first showed up in Roswell. Sara practiced Tai Chi with some of the women of our church in the early days—heck, she was even President of the Women! And then there were other, more civic-minded endeavors: CASA, Relay for Life, and finally, YPAC. 

It would be a boring, and much longer, exercise to recount everything. Point is: we did not embed in every one of those communities in which we dipped our toes. We were active and curious, though. Ready to be surprised and entangled with a collective interest, a shared passion. And if that didn’t mean going to some events we wished we’d never had, then we weren’t doing it right.

So, what inspired this post, and ultimately where this is going is: Sara has encouraged me to identify new communities (or maybe nearly new will pass) and commit to try them. Then, I am to report back on the progress. 

At the outset, I will take the first running step of showing up for a run with the Runners Club. I have a motive here, as I am also in need of a fitness goal to inspire my early-morning run ambitions. May I be fleet of foot.