A House of Music - Listening

Our close friends and family understand how faith shapes our family. Some of them might not know how music is cultivated in our home or that I was a music major in college. 

There’s of course nothing unique about our enjoyment of music. I listen at the office, like a lot of office workers, usually something more upbeat unless I’m working on a project that especially requires focus. At home I often like to hit play on some blues in the evening to bring the tone down, if not the tempo.  

In our house, I want our lives to reflect that music is a wonderful gift and that there’s an abundance of variety to be heard and made. Music plays by rules, but one of its unique thrills is in hearing the rules bent or remade. 

In follow-up posting, I’ll explore how to listen to music (or at least how I do), what devices and services I use, what I’m listening for (active/passive listening), who I listen to, and my purposes for listening. I’ll also talk about some of my favorite podcasts, which explore music in ways I wish I had in music theory and musicology classes. Oh, if I could go back!