2017: A New Creation

Start something new. Write down a scrap of thought. Read a book and scribble in the margins. Get the color on the paper. Just splash it on. Make one small brushstroke. Just be brave and throw it down. Listen to an old favorite song. Paint its color in acrylic.

Start that project. Tear out the carpet. Pry off the tack strips. Scrub away the dust and sand it all down. Find a new favorite color. Listen. Hear the things mumbled and muttered and said under the breath. Take in the shrieks and shouts and declarations. Write it all down. Dum de dum dum. Get out those drumsticks and flip a pot upside down. Drum because it feels good. Drum because nothing else makes as much sense to you as a damn good beat.

Get out the good scissors, the yarn you’ve been saving, design a new pattern. It’s time to start your heart project. Or something simple. Make a nature collage. Gather up the leaves, the sticks, the petals, the acorn caps and pour out the glue. Get down on paper one small impression of what this day is for you. Put one emotion into a keen phrase, a brilliant color, a melody. Press and pull the dough, the bow, the carving knife.

Create for the feeling you get while creating. Open, scared, nostalgic, good, good, good. And do it again tomorrow. Before scrolling and flipping, buying and talking. Before tuning out and numbing and distracting. Remember how it felt yesterday when your fingertips were gummy with a rainbow of oil pastels. When you washed the clay from between your fingers and stepped back from the canvas and thought, “Wow. I did that?” Do it again.

Sara Mitchell