Filling My Cup with First Convos and More Coffee

It’s been almost four months since we moved. That means we are a third of the way through what is notoriously a hard time, the first year in a new place. In some ways, we have settled in. We are finding a rhythm. Eventually rhythm gives way to routine and introductions progress into relationships. I’ve met several lovely women with whom I can see the potential for deep and meaningful friendships. I hope we get there. But even if we don’t, the introductory chats have been a perfect blessing to me. 

A good conversation fills my cup, and I was lucky to have two yesterday with new acquaintances. I needed it. The previous night's sleep was rough with a million wakeups thanks to a molar that has halfway sliced through Belle’s gums. I was feeling scratchy the next morning. You know what I mean? Like my whole body and my eyes and my spirit and everything was just sandpaper. I drove to a coffee shop and bakery in Tomball, Jane and John Dough, that just oozes with friendliness and comfort (their biscuits are like a hug from your momma) and by the time I finished my breakfast and started my second cup of coffee, I was nearly back from the dead. Belle was having a jolly time rearranging the coasters made of slices of tree branches and the little glass bottle of wildflowers, waving at kids that came and went, and smushing her face against the glass case filled with breads and pastries and pies. 

The icing on the cake of this visit (or perhaps the sausage on the biscuit or the cream in the coffee?), was getting to really talk with a couple gals whom I immediately loved. Isn’t God good that he puts these people in our path? I wish there were a single verb for being filled with joy. Because that is what those conversations did for me. 

I love that God recognizes that friendship is a real need and he meets that need through his relationship with us and through the people he has created for us to do life with. It’s like how comfort is a real need that babies have. Meeting their need to be held and soothed is every bit as important as meeting their need for sleep and nutrition. Our souls are nurtured in relationship to others, to God, to the earth and the world around us. 

Anyway, planting these seeds of friendship has not been a task or awkward or a growing pain. It’s been pleasing in itself. And if they bloom, glory be.