Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Sara! It is a joyful six years of marriage, and I truly feel the celebration this year. 

Friends and family, this picture is a reminder that you have an anniversary, too, one where you honored us (and we, you) with a big party. Of course, not every day of the intervening six years has been a party. I chose this picture because, while we are the focus of this thrilling day, we rely heavily on those in the foreground. In part, I wanted to put that focus back on you while reminding myself of my responsibility as a friend and family member to you.

One concluding observation strikes me: the posting of a picture at our happiest does not mean we are always just that or that we are lying in only telling part of our story. We have had trials in our own lives, things that challenged our marriage, and we have seen friends and family through these things, too. This makes this picture, and today, all the more sweet.

Love and light, friends.