Love Story


Love Love Bakery:

There are just over 36 hours left on the Kickstarter campaign for Love Love Bakery. Please back the project now if you have not already. 


It has been many months since I have blogged on Quill & Hammock, an achievement (or lack of it) that does not make me particularly proud. But, I break the blogging silence to make an urgent request about Sara's upcoming book.

Obviously, this project is a labor of love for Sara. It is evident in all the detail in the Kickstarter campaign itself, in each update and post. She has even been contacting many of you one on one to catch up and to ask you for your help.

Sara got me thinking, though, that Love Love Bakery is more than just the work of her love. It is in some way a nice encapsulation of the story of our love (me and Sara, that is). We have spent much of our adult lives since college in little coffee shops and bakeries. We came to know one another in large part from the time spent together in such places. And now as parents we delight in taking our children to these exciting places.

But it does not stop there. You are part of our story, too. 

We have friends everywhere we have lived—who we met in a coffee shop. Heck, I even met my law school roommate for the first time at Common Grounds in Waco.

So, since you are a living part of this story, I have one final ask of you.

Help us reach the final stretch goal of $16,000. As of my writing, we are just over $2,000 away.

This is your last chance to go big on the Kickstarter. We have been so overwhelmed with your generosity to date. You made this a raging success. Thank you. I personally would be overjoyed if you surprised Sara in reaching the last goal in the final hours—but you do not have to wait. You can pledge right now. Thank you all again. Seriously.


Mitch Mitchell