{ Preface }

Mitch and I have always had personal blogs. You can find pieces of our adolescence and twenties scattered across multiple online outlets like Live Journal, Xanga, Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr and even notes on MySpace. [Mitch’s interjection: remember Facebook Notes? I used those, too.] (I fell in love with Mitch through his Wordpress actually.) We have been diarists but neither of us has focused on a topic outside of ourselves. 

Maybe this is no different, but we at least aim to create a conversation about these greater ideas: 

Contentment. Why? Because we cherish it, crave it, pursue it, yet it slips through our fingers. 

Creativity. Because we are both enamored of people in our lives who spend time making and remaking. Making fascinates me. I cannot see myself content without creating and I love discussing these things and applauding the work of the artists around me. 

Community. Because we thrive when we are embedded within a network of relationships that we can pour into and receive from. Communities can also be vehicles of power to advance an idea or a cause. Communities can accomplish great things. 

All of these things make our lives mean something.

So we don our explorer clothes. Onward.