Remembering in December


Everywhere we go, decorations abound, the stage set for Christmas.  

I mean, of course, Christmas in the sense of Christmas trees, festive wreaths and garland. I mean also the jingle bells in every car, toy, cellular service, and supercenter retailer commercial since early November. December to Remember, if you were prone to forget, will remind you every year. 

As an example of the pervasiveness, the holiday-themed Muzak came on promptly at 6:00 am, a smooth jazz medley “Tis The Season”, ringing throughout the hotel lobby. Apparently the early-morning reprieve from holiday jams was called off by the dawn of a new day.

This is no pessimist’s reflection. I'm trying this year to process all of the outlandishness, the noise, the twinkling lights and jingling bells, as the annual reminder it is. 

The holiday season is pregnant with meaning, not all of it all good for all people. This morning as I take my first sips of coffee, I will reflect on just that.